Twitter's #SixWordHorror challenge will scare you!

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Twitter's #SixWordHorror challenge will scare you!

Twitter's #SixWordHorror challenge will scare you!

SC AN   ¦    Jun 18, 2019 06:33:59 PM (IST)

Twitter\'s #SixWordHorror challenge will scare you!-1Writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Steven Kings are names that pop in your mind when you think of good, skin-crawling horror stories. But how well do you think they would do if you put them up to the #SixWordHorror challenge?

Right now the #SixWordHorror challenge is trending on Twitter and users are scrambling to come up with the best one line horror... stories?

Let's see some of the best six-word horror... uh... lines:

Ever had this happen to you after a really tough level?

This is every office goers living nightmare!

Any cat lovers gone through this?

Most of us can relate to this...

Here's one for the Dems...


 Here's one for the GoT fans

Ugh! Interviews, am I right?

 The insy winsy spider did what now?

Looks like someone might be in for a rough day

 And last but not the least...