Triple Joy at Mira road

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Triple Joy at Mira road

Triple Joy at Mira road

admin   ¦    Aug 05, 2013 04:51:00 PM (IST)

Mumbai: It was an atmosphere of Celebration morning till the night. There was glorious Birthday celebration of Parish Priest Fr. Dominic Vas, Vianney Sunday and Friendship day.. All the community Fathers and Brothers were present.

The celebration by coming together around the altar of the Lord at 8.15 to thank the Almighty for the numerous blessings that he had showered upon Fr. Dominic Vas

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Fr. Dominic Vas presided over the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Agnelo Rebelo broke the word of God enabling us to reflect on the theme Focus on genuine wealth.Soon after the mass Fr. Michael Morris Superior of the Community recalled the old memories of Fr. Dominic and asked Fr. Ivo to felicitate birthday baby with a bouquet of Flowers.

Soon after the Children's mass all the children raised their right hands and sang with full voice showers of Blessings on Fr. Dominic Vas and as sign of love and appreciation gave colourful cards to Fathers as well Brothers. The specialty of the day was after every mass kids, youth were busy shaking hands with one another with a cheerful smile and tying the friendship bands.

Evening Parish youth had organized Friendship day celebration under the able leadership of Fr. Agnelo Rebelo. It began with a Eucharist followed by games and dance. The whole day was awesome, hats off to all.