Second strong quake strikes Philippines this week

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Second strong quake strikes Philippines this week

Second strong quake strikes Philippines this week

IANS   ¦    Oct 31, 2019 11:11:04 AM (IST)

Second strong quake strikes Philippines this week-1Manila: A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Mindanao island Thursday in the southern Philippines, close to where another strong tremor left eight dead, two missing and about 400 injured earlier this week.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS), which monitors seismic activity worldwide, reported that the epicentre of the quake was 10 km deep and about 15 km from from the municipality of Bansalan.

This was the third seism above magnitude six to hit the region in less than two weeks.

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake with its epicentre 25 km from Tulunam in Cotabato province killed eight Tuesday, while two people remain missing as a result of a consequent landslide.

Philippine authorities said Tuesday's tremor affected 25,630 people across Mindanao -- of which 12,760 have been sheltered in 19 evacuation centres in the affected areas -- causing significant damages to schools, hospitals and more than 2,000 houses.

Less than two weeks ago, another severe magnitude 6.4 tremors struck the same region (near Tulunam) leaving seven dead and more than 200 injured.

The Philippines is located along the Ring of Fire, a region of high volcanic and seismic activity that is shaken every year by some 7,000 quakes, most of them moderate.