Rickshaw-puller treats, kills baby in UP hospital

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Rickshaw-puller treats, kills baby in UP hospital

Rickshaw-puller treats, kills baby in UP hospital

admin   ¦    Jul 17, 2013 04:46:00 PM (IST)

Rickshaw-puller treats, kills baby in UP hospital-1Ballia (UP):In yet another shocking incident in UP, a rickshaw puller turns a "doctor" as he injected a life-saving drug to a 7 month-old ailing baby.

The baby, reportedly, died after that. The government hospital authorities, where the baby was being treated, however, denied that it was the same baby who died, but criticized the incident. 

This is the second incident of its kind in the state-run hospital, which has a track record of supplementing the lack of doctors and nurses by rickshaw pullers and sweepers. Ajay, the 7-month old baby was suffering from septicemia and the surgeon treating him recommended an injection of "Primacord" and had directed the pharmacist to administer it. 

The pharmacist, however, passed on the work to the rickshaw-puller, who in turn claims that he has been administering injections for the past 15-20 years. That is not all, the rickshaw-puller is alleged to have criminal records too where he was jailed for petty theft. 

"We are investigating what happened. The baby, suffering from measles for days, was admitted on Monday. He was referred to the IMS hospital at Banaras Hindu University, but his parents brought him to our emergency ward when he became extremely critical", Mr KP Singh, the Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, said.