PM ,Sonia to visit Uttarakhand

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PM ,Sonia to visit Uttarakhand

PM ,Sonia to visit Uttarakhand

Admin   ¦    Jun 19, 2013 10:40:00 AM (IST)

New Delhi: PM Manmohan Singh and Congress Prseident Sonia Gandhi are likely to vist the flash flood and landslides affected parts of Uttarakand due to incessant rains.They are to conduct an aerial survey of the area.

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Reprts say,more than 8,000 pilgrims are struck in Badrinath. Rescue operations are underway but bad weather is hampering the work.Around 800 tourists have been rescued.The Uttarakhand Disaster Management executive has said that the organisation hopes to finish all rescue work in Kedarnath by this afternoon and also mentioned that the rains have ceased presently, but there is still danger from landslieds.

There are reprts of more than 40 policemen are missing, who were on duty near the Kedarnath shrine.

In Chamoli district huge number of pilgrims are still stranded , two IAF helicopters and two private helicopters have been sent for rescue operations.PM ,Sonia to visit Uttarakhand-7

Also private choppers have been hired to distribute food and other essential commodities to people stranded .

State Health Minister Yashpal Arya visited the affected areas in Uttarkashi and assured people that more choppers were being asked for from the State Tourism Minister Amrita Rawat for relief and rescue operations in the district which is one of the worst hit.