'Moonwalk' on Bengaluru potholes now recreated in Mexico

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'Moonwalk' on Bengaluru potholes now recreated in Mexico

'Moonwalk' on Bengaluru potholes now recreated in Mexico

IANS   ¦    Sep 11, 2019 08:56:55 PM (IST)

\'Moonwalk\' on Bengaluru potholes now recreated in Mexico-1Mexico City: Noted Bengaluru-based artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy's recently shared video clip of him walking on a potholed road in the city resembling craters on the moon, has now been recreated in Mexico.

Baadal took to Twitter to share the Mexico video and and wrote, "...and they recreated it in Mexico! #mexican roads."

Mexican agency Boveda Celeste had contacted him on Facebook for the permission to recreate the video.

The video shared on social media shows someone dressed up in an astronaut suit, walking slowly on a damaged road, just like the one shared by Baadal. The person carries the Mexican flag and there is audio in the background.

Baadal has received many requests to recreate this 'moonwalk' in other parts of India and in other countries as well.

The Bengaluru-based artist has used his creative artwork in the past too, to red flag the callousness of the civic administration in maintaining roads and other amenities, by displaying dummy mermaids and crocodiles around potholes to draw the Bengaluru municipality's attention to the city's infrastructure woes.