JD U breaks ties with BJP, removes saffron ministers in Bihar

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JD U breaks ties with BJP, removes saffron ministers in Bihar

JD U breaks ties with BJP, removes saffron ministers in Bihar

Jun 16, 2013 05:17:00 PM (IST)

Patna:In a major setback to NDA ahead of next years Lok Sabha election, JD(U) today broke its ties with BJP in Bihar in protest against the elevation of Narendra Modi, bringing to an end a 17-year-old alliance that had held firm through thick and thin in the national politics.

Heading the eight-year-old coalition in the state, JD (U), which does not need BJP support to run the government, removed 11 saffron ministers from the state Cabinet and decided to seek a vote of confidence on June 19 in view of the new situation.


JD U breaks ties with BJP, removes saffron ministers in Bihar-1

Todays development is a major jolt to the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) which is now left with only three constituents - BJP, Shiv Sena and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD).

JD (U) President Sharad Yadav and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced the break up of the coalition at a press conference, exactly a week after Modi was made the BJP's campaign committee chairman, considered just a step short of being made the prime ministerial candidate. Yadav also quit as Convenor of the NDA.

We cannot compromise with our basic principles. We are not worried about the consequences. As long as the alliance was Bihar-centric, there was no problem. But we had no alternative now. We are not responsible. We were forced to take this decision.

The BJP is going through a new phase. As long as there was no external interference in the Bihar alliance, it ran smoothly. Problems began whenever there was external interference, Kumar said without taking the name of Modi even once in the half-an-hour press conference but made several barbs aimed at him.

Though JD (U)s decision comes a week after Modis elevation in Goa, the partys National Council had a few months ago set a deadline of December asking BJP to name its PM candidate.

The party has always made its aversion to Modi explicitly clear on a number of occasions. Kumar had three years cancelled a dinner with senior BJP leaders including L K Advani because of Modi's presence.

When asked whether he was referring to Modi, Kumar said those who understand have understood, those who dont are naive.

In an indirect reference to  Modis new appointment in BJP, Kumar said that there was no problem when the late Pramod Mahajan and Arun Jaitley were made campaign committee chiefs in the past.

Everybody knew what were our basic concerns, he said in an apparent reference his and his partys serious reservations over projecting Modi.

At his insistence, the BJP had taken out Modi from its list of campaigners in Bihar in elections.

In the 243-member assembly, the JD (U) has 118 MLAs and BJP 91. JD (U) just needs four MLAs for a majority. Independents and Others account for 6 MLAs. The main Opposition RJD has 22 and Congress four.

The Bihar CM said there is a need to enlarge the umbrella of NDA by bringing in new allies if the alliance wanted to form the next government at the Centre.

You want to form the government, but dont be under the misconception. No single party is going to get the majority. It requires 272 MPs to make somebody the Prime Minister.

For that the NDA has to get more allies. If people think there is some wave or a storm is blowing in their favour, they are under a misconception, he said in another dig at Modi.