Amended Russian Constitution available online

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Amended Russian Constitution available online

Amended Russian Constitution available online

IANS   ¦    Jul 04, 2020 10:52:25 AM (IST)

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Moscow:  The text of the Russian Constitution containing amendments adopted as a result of a nationwide popular vote was uploaded to the online portal of legal information on Saturday.

"The Constitution was adopted in a nationwide vote on December 12, 1993, and contains amendments approved in a nationwide vote on July 1, 2020," TASS News Agency quoted the portal as saying.

The development on Saturday took place after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to publish it a day ago.

The law on amendments to the Constitution was adopted by the State Duma on March 11 and approved by the Federation Council later in the day.

The law was then endorsed by the legislative assemblies of all regions of Russia. The law stated outright that the amendments would take effect only in case of their support by the people.

A nationwide popular vote began on June 25, with July 1 the main voting day.

According to the Central Election Commission, the amendments were supported by 77.92 percent of those who cast their ballots, while 21.27 percent opposed them.

The turnout among 109 million eligible voters was 67.97 percent.

The reforms will reset Putin's term limits to zero in 2024, allowing him to serve two more six-year terms until 2036, said a BBC report.

Putin, aged 67, has not said he will run again for the presidency when his latest term runs out in 2024 - but has said it is vital he has the option to do so.

He has been in power in Russia, either as president or prime minister, for 20 years.