Woman dumped on road after alleged abduction, accused escapes

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Woman dumped on road after alleged abduction, accused escapes

Woman dumped on road after alleged abduction, accused escapes

Sc R D   ¦    Jan 31, 2019 11:47:16 AM (IST)

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Udupi: In a suspect case of abduction, a woman was kicked out of a car when she allegedly tried to escape. The driver of the grey Maruti Ritz dumped the car near Kinnimulki after kicking the woman out and fled the scene. The car in question bore a Udupi registration number plate.

Reportedly, the woman and the man were travelling from Mangaluru and going in the direction of Udupi city. The woman was reportedly heard screaming and when the car was passing by an autorickshaw stand in Kinnimulki-Balaipade, the lady managed to open the door. She was seen trying to exit the car, soon after which the driver slowed the car down and pushdr her out. According to the rickshaw drivers who witnessed the incident, the driver of the car reportedly tried to drive away and enter the city by taking the flyover, but owing to the heavy traffic, he ditched the car near an under-construction building and boarded a bus that was passing by.

It is also reported that, as soon as the woman got out of the Ritz, a man and woman in a Pajero came to the spot and picked her up. According to Shankar Sherigar, a rickshaw driver, the Pajero turned and made its way towards Mangaluru.

Udupi DySP Jayashankar and Malpe PSI Madhu visited the spot. A key maker was brought to help open the car's door. Inside the car, the police found a lady’s bag containing a make-up set, cash and a ticket. They also found a young woman’s chappal, a men’s chappal and headphones, but did not find any documents. The police have seized the car and its contents.

Regarding the incident, District superintendent of police, Laxman Nimbargi said that no case has been registered as no one has filed a complaint and the true nature of the incident is not known.

Malpe PSI Madhu has also said that no case has been registered. They are still trying to ascertain whether the woman fell out of the car or if she was indeed pushed out.

It looks like a crime occurred and this has given rise to many suspicions. The police have to investigate the case, said social worker Krishnamurthi.