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Winged beauties serve lavish spectacle to bird watchers in Manipal

Winged beauties serve lavish spectacle to bird watchers in Manipal

Sc BH   ¦    Feb 08, 2019 03:17:50 PM (IST)

 Winged beauties serve lavish spectacle to bird watchers in Manipal-1

Manipal: The first Sunday of February is important for bird watchers in Manipal. The day is set aside for bird lovers to do a bit of trekking at the break of dawn to spot and identify birds in different areas of this plateau. Manipal Bird Day has come a long way since it first began nine years ago.

Last Sunday, 140 birders gathered at the rendezvous point at sunrise then split into groups and took different trails in and around Manipal to record all the birds they came across. Armed with cameras, binoculars and their senses, they set off along their trails, documenting the bird life in a fun-filled interactive session, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for birds. After the walk, the birders gathered at the KMC Food Court for discussions and comparing notes over breakfast.

This was followed by the release of the third edition of the book “A Birder’s Handbook to Manipal” by Ramit Singal, published by Manipal Universal Press. MAHE Vice-Chancellor, Dr H Vinod Bhat released the book. Also present, were Dr Dinesh Singal and Dr Archana Singal who represented the author at the event.

Some of the birds spotted were the Yellow-wattled lapwings and Grey Headed Bulbuls, the Orange-breasted Green Pigeons, Woolly-necked storks, Eurasian Hoopoe, Brown fish Owl, Alpine Swift and Brown-breasted flycatcher.

Birds of prey were also sighted among the 141 species that were recorded. Eurasian Marsh-Harrier, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Black-winged Kite, Crested Serpent Eagle and the Crested Hawk-Eagle were snapped in the rich avifauna.

The event ended with an exhibition of paintings of birds and birders by Adithya Bhat and photographs by Sudheer Reddy.