Udupi police hands Shiroor Math over to Sode Math

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Udupi police hands Shiroor Math over to Sode Math

Udupi police hands Shiroor Math over to Sode Math

SC AN   ¦    Aug 13, 2018 11:43:54 AM (IST)

Udupi police hands Shiroor Math over to Sode Math-1Udupi: The police, on August 13, have handed over the Shiroor Math, which was in their possession following the dubious death of Shiroor Sri Laxmivara Theertha Swamiji, to the Sode Math.

Following the Shiroor swami's mysterious death, the Shiroor Math was taken over by the police for their investigations. During this time, the public was not allowed to enter the Math although, daily poojas were allowed to be conducted. Till yesterday, the Shiroor Math was under police high security.

A press release from Srinivas Tantri Diwan of the Sode Math had stated that the police would hand the Shiroor Math over to them on August 13. The release also added that the Aradhane of the late Swamiji would be held after the police hand over the Shiroor Math to the Sode Math.

Speaking to NewsKarnataka, Udupi SP Laxman Nimbargi said, "The Shiroor Math was handed over to the Sode Math this morning. Hence, from today the Shiroor Math will be under the custody of the Sode Math."

When asked about the progress of the investigation into the Shiroor swami's death, the SP said that further information about the case would be announced during a press conference.

Sode Math gets custody of the Shiroor Math as per an unwritten administrative policy of the Math system. The Sode Math is the Dhwanda Math of Shiroor, which means that in the event of a crisis or a mishap, the Sode Math is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Shiroor Math administration and visa-versa. This system is followed by the Asta Maths in Udupi, where two Maths are paired together.