Skill training unit for endosulfan victims: Jayamala

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Skill training unit for endosulfan victims: Jayamala

Skill training unit for endosulfan victims: Jayamala

SC MKU   ¦    Mar 03, 2019 04:35:30 PM (IST)

Skill training unit for endosulfan victims: Jayamala-1

Udupi: Women and Child Development Minister, Jayamala said in a meeting in Udupi that a separate unit will be set up to give skill training to the endosulfan victims.

The Udupi District Endosulfan Committee meeting was held on Saturday in the Zilla Panchayat hall in which she was speaking as chairperson.

She said that a meeting would be held by her to decide on providing skill training to victims of endosulfan in Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Uttara Kannada districts. She expressed her desire to meet the victims of these districts personally.

She said that even though endosulfan was sprayed on plantation crops 40 years ago, it was sad that no one was held accountable for the suffering it caused to the people living in those areas. Expert opinions would be sought in studying the impact of endosulfan on soil and water.

Jayamala said that there were few complaints from some villages about not identifying the victims of endosulfan properly. Therefore a fresh survey to identify the victims of endosulfan would be undertaken in those villages. The survey would be conducted by Junior health assistants and Anganwadi workers in villages which were close to endosulfan sprayed areas. This would help the government to distribute government facility to the affected.

A permanent rehabilitation centre for the endosulfan victims would be opened in 5-acre land reserved for the project in Nada village. Minister was of the opinion that 10 acres of land should be reserved for the project and the centre should provide world-class treatment and rehabilitation facilities for the victims of endosulfan.