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Regional party leaders have no vision: B J Puttaswamy

Regional party leaders have no vision: B J Puttaswamy

Sc R D   ¦    Jan 29, 2019 05:03:10 PM (IST)

Regional party leaders have no vision: B J Puttaswamy-1Udupi: "The regional party leaders do not have any principle or vision for the country. These regional parties fear that in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will once again form the union government," said B J Puttaswamy, President of BJP State Backward Classes Morcha.

Speaking at a press conference at Diana Hotel in the city on Monday, January 28, Puttaswamy said that such a large national party bowing down to regional parties would be unfortunate.

"They do not have able leaders like Narendra Modi to lead the government at the centre. The people of the country do not believe the combined united opposition," Puttaswamy added.

Answering a query, Puttaswamy said that a national party like the Congress is dependent on a regional party like JD(S). "Congress party has completely surrendered to the JD(S). We do not know whether the state government will survive, as the Congress MLAs do not agree or support certain decisions of the chief minister of Karnataka, Kumaraswamy, and back former chief minister Siddaramaiah," he said.

Somashekar, Kiran Kumar, Dinesh Yermal, Arun Bhandary. Santhosh Jatthanna, Naveen Bhandary, Girish Udyavar and others were present at the press meet.