Police take stern action against illegal cattle transportation in Udupi

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Police take stern action against illegal cattle transportation in Udupi

Police take stern action against illegal cattle transportation in Udupi

Sc R D   ¦    Jul 13, 2019 03:51:49 PM (IST)

Police take stern action against illegal cattle transportation in Udupi-1Udupi: In order to prevent illegal transportation of cattle, house thefts and other crimes, especially during the rainy season, the Udupi police department has been taking stringent measures, said Nisha James, Superintendent of Police, Udupi district.

Speaking to media persons during the police phone-in programme on Friday, July 12, Nisha James said that police had taken stern action against the illegal cattle transportation in the district. Already the police have set up over 30 check posts during nights and over 10 check posts are functioning during the day across the district to prevent illegal transportation of cows and other crimes, she added.

Special teams have also been formed at the sub-divisional level to keep a vigil on cattle theft repeat offenders, she disclosed. She said that meanwhile, the local authorities also needed to contribute towards stopping cattle thefts, particularly those of stray cattle. The local authorities should send the stray cattle to the goshalas, she said.

Nisha James said that the district police had registered 14 cases against illegal transportation of cows from January to July 11 this year. They had rescued 57 cattle and arrested 31 persons during this period.

SP disclosed that Udupi police would launch a drive against motorcycles without proper silencers and also against those persons driving on the wrong side of the road in Udupi district. "There are more complaints with regard to violation of the Motor Vehicles Act. The department will launch a drive against the violators of the Act," she said.

To a query, SP said that the district police had taken action against autorickshaws and vans carrying school children beyond permissible limits. The district police had urged the Regional Transport Officer to suspend the driving licences of the erring drivers, she said.

One caller informed the police that during night time at Gandhi Park at Ajjarkad, a lot of people drank alcohol openly and sought a ban on liquor consumption in such places. The caller also complained that during day time the college students bunked classes and spent time at Ajjarkad Park. SP assured action against the drinking of alcohol in public places at Ajjarkad.

Calls were also received regarding Matka business, cross vehicle parking at Manipal, illegal alcohol sale in petty shops, illegal sand transportation and other transport related issues.

From June 14 to July 12, there were 23 cases of Matka registered and 23 arrested. In 8 gambling cases 60 persons were arrested, 2 cases registered and two arrested by Excise department,17 cases registered and 19 arrested under NDPS, 118 cases registered under COPTA, 55 under drunken driving, 300 cases for shrill horn, 92 cases for using mobile while driving, 4611 cases for riding without helmet, 92 under over speeding and 11019 under other IMVs.