Mother-son duo strengthening woman power with 'Swaraksha' self-defence

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Mother-son duo strengthening woman power with 'Swaraksha' self-defence

Mother-son duo strengthening woman power with 'Swaraksha' self-defence

SC L S   ¦    Sep 15, 2018 09:10:37 PM (IST)

Mother-son duo strengthening woman power with \'Swaraksha\' self-defence-1

Udupi: As the saying goes, "Where there is a will, there is a way", the coastal city has become a witness to an uncommon initiative because of which lakhs of women have received a new dimension to their life. In today's uneven conditions of the society, where girls and women are still facing exploitation, a determination to stand against such odds and social evils, a mother-son duo have begun an unique initiative.

Want to know what this initiative is all about? Here's more for you...

The recent reports by the Crime Branch of India (CBI) will surely run shivers through your spines. According to the report, around 40 percent of the exploitation victims are observed to be 'minors.' In a day, on an average, four cases get registered pertaining to exploitation and rape in the nation. And there are lot of cases which do not get registered. Hence, the numbers are feared to be higher.

Don't we want to see the crime rates against women going down? Don't we need to find a solution to such an issue? Answering to such questions is the mother-son duo with "Swaraksha for Women." Karthik S Kateel and his mother Shobhalatha organise various awareness programmes for girls and women. Techniques of self-protection and most importantly how to protect oneself from getting exploited are being taught to girls/women in the age group of 11 years to 60 years.

These two have achieved a mammoth task of training 1,30,000 girls and women of around 430 companies in four years. Karthik has organised more than 700 workshops.

Attributing to the saying, "Silence is Golden", both have managed to conduct workshops within and outside states training girls and women in self protection.

To make the training more intense and effective, the duo has now planned to inculcate the "Mixed Martial Art" form in its training. This stands out as a unique training when compared to others as girls and women will now be trained in Karate and some tips in other forms of martial arts too. The training is said to boost self-confidence among women.

Target Manipal
Keeping in mind the population of female students in Manipal, the mother-son duo has begun its mixed martial arts training centre in Manipal. The training centre also has intentions to teach the same to the economically backward girls.

This duo needs support and encouragement for such a unique and positive initiative which teaches the female section of the society self-defence.

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