Missing 'Suvarna Tribhuja' fishing boat hijacked?

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Missing 'Suvarna Tribhuja' fishing boat hijacked?

Missing 'Suvarna Tribhuja' fishing boat hijacked?

Sc BH   ¦    Dec 27, 2018 03:09:29 PM (IST)

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Udupi: 'Suvarna Tribhuja', a fishing boat from Malpe had gone missing about 12 days ago and there have been no traces of the same. The local fishermen have been now fearing that the boat that had seven fishermen onboard may have been hijacked. The DC to has said that from an outset it looks like the boat has been hijacked.

A sense of fear has gripped the fishing community and reeling under uncertainty, more than 350 deep sea fishing boats have been anchored in Malpe port following the incident.

Speaking about the same, DC Priyanka Mary Francis said that if the boat had sunk then some debris should have been found, but nothing hinting at the same have been traced even after severe search operations by the coast guards, police etc.

The boat had left Malpe on December 13 with five other boats. There was contact with the boat till 1 am on December 13, but then it went missing. While fishermen in other five boats looked for the missing boat, they then thought it must have returned to Malpe. However, they realised later that 'Suvarna Tribhuja' had not reached Malpe port. Later, a complaint was filed in this regard.