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Lone woman murdered at her residence in Karkala

Lone woman murdered at her residence in Karkala

DV   ¦    Jul 09, 2018 11:37:27 AM (IST)

Lone woman murdered at her residence in Karkala-1

Karkala: A 54-year-old woman was murdered at her residence in Ayyappanagar - Kukkundoor Karkala here on Sunday, July 8.

The deceased has been identified as Florine Machado. The incident came to light on Sunday afternoon. Forine's mortal remain was wrapped in a bedsheet. Several stab injuries were found on her dead body.

Over the past six years, Florine was living separately from her husband after the duo had differences in their relationship. Her husband was residing at Hukratte in Mala, Karkala. Forine was living with her elder son. Her younger son was living with his father. As there was a holiday for school on Sunday, Florine's elder son went to meet his father on Saturday evening. Florine was alone at her residence on Saturday night.

This incident came to light when Florine's relative came to meet Florine, as Florine did not attend Sunday prayers in the Church.

It is gathered that Florine was lending money for interest and it is suspect that Florine might have been murdered over financial issues.

Superintendent of Police Lakshman Nimbargi visited the spot.