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‘Jackfruit Mela-2015’ brings Jackfruit lovers together

‘Jackfruit Mela-2015’ brings Jackfruit lovers together

Staff Correspondent   ¦    Jun 16, 2015 08:16:37 AM (IST)

Udupi: The Jackfruit Mela-2015’, a  platform for one of the tastiest , but  least appreciated local fruits - Jackfruit, was organized at the Kundapura Narayanguru Sabhabhavan.

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The mouth-watering aroma of the fruit and the variety of items displayed, attracted people from around the district. Farmers and the local cooks made the Mela a memorable one.

 More than 32 varieties of dishes made with Jackfruit, were displayed. Of all the delicacies available, Jackfruit ‘payasam’ and ‘ice creams’ attracted the most visitors.

Speaking to News Karnataka Reshma and Sujatha said, “Ice cream is one of the most tastiest and interesting items to eat”. The jackfruit has lots of medicinal qualities so using it in a modern form, people will love it”. This is a small effort to regain the importance of Jackfruit, they added.

Janakiamma said that jackfruit is losing its importance and the recipes of our ancestors are also vanishing. She said in her younger days jackfruit had an importance in culinary and traditional cooking, however it is not the same anymore.

Krishnayya, farmer from Vandse in Kundapur said that he grows the fruit in his land. He opined that the government should organize such fests to make the farmers realize the worth of their crop. It also helps the farmers know more about the market and encourages them, he added.

Saritha, another farmer, said that even though the availability of jackfruit is more, we do not have about the market value of the fruit – the fruit grows plenty in season; it rips and falls on the ground and decays or is used by the animals. No one bothers to utilize it in a better way, she opined.

Shankar Prabhu from Sanoor  Karkala, a specialist in Jackfruit food items, said that he is into Jackfruit cultivation since years,  though it is a seasonal fruit there are many ways to preserve it for years. He prepares ‘halasina happala’, ‘halasina mulka, jam, ‘halasina mambla’, ‘halasina holige among others. Government should guide the farmer with proper channel to market the fruit and its products’, he added.

 Self Help Groups also put-up stalls which showcased various innovative jackfruit products. The Zonal Agricultural and Horticultural Research Center, Brahmavar associate professor Dr Dhanajay said that,as the intention of the jackfruit fest was to encourage the planting of more Jackfruit trees, this section was given special attention.

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