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Goa's ban on outstation fish hits coastal Karnataka

Goa's ban on outstation fish hits coastal Karnataka

SC AN   ¦    Nov 07, 2018 10:21:12 PM (IST)

Goa\'s ban on outstation fish hits coastal Karnataka-1Udupi: Since the past week, the Karnataka coastal districts' fish industry has taken a hit, following Goa's decision to restrict the import of fish from other states. This decision comes after the formalin controversy that rocked the fish industry recently.

Goa's state government had made it mandatory for all fish from outside the state to be certified as 'formalin free' by the food department before they enter and made it a rule for the transport vehicles to endure that there is no seepage of water onto the roads. The fish merchants had requested that they be given some time to implement the changes but the entry of fish from other states was suddenly stopped by Goa. The trucks carrying the fish are currently being held near the Majali check post.

The formalin controversy and Goa's sudden decision to ban the entry of outstation fish has adversely affected coastal Karnataka's fish industry as the prices have dropped due to the excess supply of fish in the market.

In response to this, the Malpe Fishermen's Association President Satish Kunder has said that initially, their checks in Malpe revealed that there were formalin laced fishes coming in from Tamil Nadu. But, he said that due to regular checks, lacing of fishes with formalin was completely stopped. "Goa's unexpected decision to stop importing fish has resulted in crores of rupees of loss to the coastal fishermen. They had already been through a tough time during the rainy season due to the ban on fishing and now Goa's decision has dealt them another blow," he said.