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CID to takeover probe into Hussainabba's death

CID to takeover probe into Hussainabba's death

Sc N S   ¦    Jun 14, 2018 01:52:50 PM (IST)

CID to takeover probe into Hussainabba\'s death-1Udupi: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) will be taking over the death investigations of cattle trader Hussainabba in Udupi district here. It is gathered that the CID team is expected to visit Udupi within the next two-three days.

Hussainabba, a cattle trader had been found dead under suspicious circumstances on May 30 at Seenabettu in Perdoor. His family members had alleged that his death occurred due to an assault by the Bajrang Dal activists in connivance with the police.

So far the police have made 10 arrests in the case which also includes three police personnel affiliated to Hiriadka station.

On Monday, June 11, Hussainabba’s body had been exhumed in the presence of a District Judge Irfan for a magisterial probe and was duly cremated in accordance with the rituals after the Mahajar' procedures.