Cattle trader Hussainabba's body exhumed for Magisterial probe

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Cattle trader Hussainabba's body exhumed for Magisterial probe

Cattle trader Hussainabba's body exhumed for Magisterial probe

Sc BH   ¦    Jun 12, 2018 11:00:22 AM (IST)

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Udupi: With tension building around the suspicious death of cattle trader Hussainabba, the authorities are trying their best to bring this case to a satisfactory conclusion. The body of Hussainabba, the cattle trader from Jokatte who died a mysterious death, allegedly in police custody, was exhumed on Monday, June 11 as part of a continued Magisterial probe.

The body was exhumed from Eidgah Masjid burial ground, in the presence of District Judge Irfan and was subjected to 'Mahajar' procedures. After the procedures, the body was buried again after religious rituals were performed.

Hussainabba's family has alleged that he was hacked to death while in police custody and hence, the body was exhumed for an inquest in the presence of the family members and Investigating Officer Hrishikesh Sonawane.

Hussanabba met his end on May 30 near Perdoor, under suspicious circumstances. Bajrang Dal activists waylaid the vehicle allegedly used by Hussainabba and two others for transporting cattle illegally near Perdoor. It came to light later that some of the  Hiriadka Police personnel were working hand-in-glove with the activists for the raid. Hussainabba reportedly was assaulted by the activists and handed over to the police. As the police found that Hussainabba had died on the way to the police station, they dumped his body one kilometer away from the spot of the raid. Later, they also registered a case of unnatural death due to cardiac arrest at the police station to avoid suspicion.

On June 4, Superintendent of Police (SP) Laxman Nimbargi said that a total of 10 persons, including three cops, have been arrested so far for their involvement in the case. Nimbargi also informed that the cops accused in the case - DN Kumar, SI of Hiriadka police station, Gopal, driver of the police station and Mohan Kothwal, Head Constable - have been remanded to 14-days judicial custody in Karwar jail.