‘Modi Tsunami’ felt by voters of all ages: V Somanna

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‘Modi Tsunami’ felt by voters of all ages: V Somanna

‘Modi Tsunami’ felt by voters of all ages: V Somanna

SC L S   ¦    Apr 11, 2019 05:10:30 PM (IST)

‘Modi Tsunami’ felt by voters of all ages: V Somanna-1

Tumakuru: The Bharatiya Janata Party Election District In-charge V Somanna hinted that all was not right in the Tumakuru Lok Sabha constituency, here on Thursday, April 11.

Addressing a press meet, he said that as per the current situation nothing was going right in the Congress and Janata Dal (S) coalition in the district with the "cold war" still continuing between them 

Somanna said that when BJP State President B S Yeddyurappa was the chief minister, he had released water from Hemavathi reservoir during the summer.

“BSY had helped the people of Tumakuru by releasing the water from the Hemavathi reservoir of Hassan. But some political leaders from Hassan, especially JDS Supremo H D Devegowda, when he was the chief minister, had not allowed the release of water and betrayed the people of the district. He had wasted the water by releasing it to the sea instead of providing it to the people of the district”, Somanna alleged.

He said, “The impact of ‘Modi Tsunami’ is being felt by the electorate across all age groups. He is the only one whom we can trust for a safe and strong India.”

Meanwhile, former MLA Sogadu Shivanna also lauded PM Modi for his "developmental projects" and opined that many people had benefited from the schemes implemented by him.

Criticising Chief Minster H D Kumaraswamy, former MLA B Suresh Gowda said, “The people of Mandya are searching for CM HDK asking ‘Kumaraswamy Yellidiyappa?’ (where are you CM HDK?), like they did for coalition candidate of Mandya Lok Sabha, Nikhil Kumaraswamy. CM HDK had made a lot of promises which have not yet reached the economically poor sections and the farmers.”

He also condemned HDD for contesting from Tumakuru Lok Sabha constituency stating that he had no rights to contest from the district and his contribution here was nil.

He said that it was for the people to decide whether or not to support the leaders of Hassan who had "not allowed the release of water from the Hemavati reservoir."

Vice President of Rajya Raitha Morcha Shivaprasad, MLA G B Jyothi Ganesh and others were present.