Create your kid's exclusive scrapbook on Facebook

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Create your kid's exclusive scrapbook on Facebook

Create your kid's exclusive scrapbook on Facebook

Apr 03, 2015 03:08:43 PM (IST)

New York: Facebook has introduced a new feature that not only helps you collect and organise photos of your children at one place but also share them with other friends on the social networking site.

The Facebook "Scrapbook" lets you create a photo tag for your child even if he or she is not on Facebook and then create a Facebook album of the photos in which he or she is tagged, CNET reported.

Facebook found that several parents tag their partner in photos of their kids in order to share those photos with their partner's Facebook friends.

With a "Scrapbook", you can set it up to co-own with your partner, which lets both of you tag your kid in photos and then have both your friends and your partner's friends see photos of your kid when you share them.

To set up a co-owned "Scrapbook", you need to be in a Facebook relationship with your partner.Create your kid\'s exclusive scrapbook on Facebook-1

To create a "Scrapbook", go to your profile and click About.

On the About page, choose "Family and Relationships" and you will see a banner at the top to Create a "Scrapbook" for your child with a blue "Get Started" button.

On mobile, head to your profile, tap "Update Info" and then tap the "Get Started" button.

When creating a "Scrapbook", you will need to add your kid as a family member.

If you are uncomfortable giving Facebook the proper name for your child, you can use a nickname or initials.

There is no facial recognition technology at work here, which means only the photos you tag are added.

"Your child's 'Scrapbook' does not have its own privacy setting, but the individual photos do. When people visit a Scrapbook, they'll only see a photo if they're included in that photo's audience," Facebook said in a post.

"The profile and cover photo of your child's Scrapbook are visible to anyone who can see at least one photo in the Scrapbook," it further read.