$350 Million Indian Gaming Industry’s Growth Driven by Skill Games like Junglee Rummy

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$350 Million Indian Gaming Industry’s Growth Driven by Skill Games like Junglee Rummy

$350 Million Indian Gaming Industry’s Growth Driven by Skill Games like Junglee Rummy

Team NK   ¦    Dec 30, 2020 02:51:12 PM (IST)

$350 Million Indian Gaming Industry’s Growth Driven by Skill Games like Junglee Rummy-1

The online gaming industry in India has grown exponentially in the last decade. According to a KPMG-Google report, it is expected to cross the $1.1 billion mark by 2021. The Indian online gaming industry started in the 90s, but it was the revolution in the mobile phone market that really catalyzed the industry’s growth. People now prefer staying indoors and playing games on their smartphones. Given the year and the trying times of 2020, the need to stay indoors has increased. As people are turning to their mobiles for entertainment, mobile games are witnessing a massive growth. With such rapid growth in gaming, it is safe to say that the country has found a new means of entertainment, online gaming.

Worth about 350 million USD, the Indian gaming market is driven by skill games like online rummy and fantasy sports games. Rummy is a major contributor to the Indian gaming industry. The game has prevailed in our country for a very long time and is treated as a part of our culture. This means the gist, rummy rules, and basic knowledge of the game is already instilled in Indians. But what is it in particular that makes games like Junglee Rummy boost the Indian gaming industry?

A blend of technology and gaming
When it comes to gaming, the play experience is what really matters, especially for a game like rummy which is deeply rooted in the hearts of players. They would not want to compromise on their experience. For example on Junglee Rummy, the smooth and simple interface suits players of all age groups. It is also easily available on Android and iOS smartphones along with the web.

With a game that runs smoothly even with a low-speed internet connection, Junglee Rummy really performs above the expectations of players. Anyone who has played on Junglee Rummy has experienced their fast withdrawal process and easy modes of transactions. And those who are downloading the app for the first time can learn how to play rummy from their video tutorials and play practice games before they try their hands at cash games.

Junglee Rummy constantly learns from the players’ behavior and keeps upgrading the platform to improve their experience. Each update that a player receives is based on thorough research and customer surveys and delivers exactly what they’re expecting from the platform.

Tailor-made content
According to a report titled “Skill Gaming in India -- The Changing Landscape,” published by Deloitte and the Online Rummy Federation, the average gamer is a male aged 20 - 44 years. That is the age group that prefers playing online rummy. And most of these players reside in South India. For example, keeping in mind all the rummy lovers that spend their time playing on Junglee Rummy, Junglee developers have made utmost efforts to deliver the type of content the players prefer. Right from the look and feel of the lobby to gamer avatars, everything is tailor-made for Indian players.

The Junglee Rummy blog has everything about rummy that Indian players would like to read. Right from tips and tricks to the different versions and formats of rummy, it covers it all. Tailor-made content like that interests the audience and encourages them to play more and know more about their favorite card game.

Easily accessible platforms
As we said, the revolution in the mobile industry has in turn brought a revolution in the gaming industry. Thanks to the easy availability of gaming platforms, skill gaming companies are breaking records and reaching new heights every day, especially in such trying times when people are forced to stay indoors and many are far away from their loved ones, the smartphone is not only cutting down on the distance but also serving as the main source of entertainment. And games like rummy provide an opportunity for virtual social interaction.

There is no doubt that the Indian mobile gaming industry has a bright future. The innovation that apps like Junglee Rummy introduce is constantly improving the gaming environment and boosting the gaming industry in the country. Providing players with a safe and secure platform is not not only encouraging them to play on these mobile apps but also catalyzing the growth of the Indian gaming industry.