Rummy body introduces seal for regulation, security

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Rummy body introduces seal for regulation, security

Rummy body introduces seal for regulation, security

IANS   ¦    Dec 13, 2019 08:35:21 AM (IST)

Rummy body introduces seal for regulation, security-1New Delhi: To regulate the Indian online rummy industry, The Rummy Federation (TRF) has come up with a seal to ensure players' security and fair play, and responsibility of operators or rummy platforms.

On Thursday, the TRF awarded the 'TRF Dynamic Seal' to the country's select online rummy operators. "This TRF initiative aims to provide a responsible, safe and fair gameplay experience protecting interests of players," the organisation said in a statement.

It presented accreditation seals to four online rummy operators -- Ace2three, Junglee Rummy, Rummy Circle and Rummy Passion. The seal, it said was a sign of assurance on compliance of operators to the TRF code of conduct, put in place to protect players' interests.

The TRF Dynamic Seal, a digital certificate, is granted to operators who comply with the TRF guidelines. The seal is presented to the operator after a rigorous audit procedure conducted by a major audit firm.

The TRF code of conduct focuses on multiple areas of operations and has stringent requirements to ensure secure, responsible and fair gaming experience for players.

Announcing the launch and presentation of the TRF Dynamic Seal, Sameer Barde, CEO, The Rummy Federation, said:

"Online rummy is a rapidly growing industry with new players joining every day and several emerging operators. With the growing number of players and operators, the online rummy ecosystem has become quite robust, while also creating the need for regulation to safeguard the players and ensure a responsible, secure and fair environment for them," said TRF CEO Sameer Barde.

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