Man Utd score at the finish of the season

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Man Utd score at the finish of the season

Man Utd score at the finish of the season

After the appointment of Solskjær as the head coach, the Man Utd score quickly went up the hill. However, in the long run, it became clear that it was only an emotional surge and, in fact, the club is not ready to fight for the championship, and even for a place in the top 4 as equals.

April and May have become totally unsuccessful for United. The team won only a couple of matches, was eliminated from the FA Cup and the Champions League, and could not qualify for the most prestigious club tournament of the Old World for the next season. And this is combined with the fact that its direct competitors lost their points regularly as well.

It is clear that most of the players simply can’t deal with the tasks that the team faces. They demonstrate their best only from time to time, but in the long run, they obviously fail. As a result, the dedicated fans of the club weren’t pleased with the Man Utd score at all.

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In the summer, a significant change is expected in the team. It is reported that the club management is ready to listen to proposals concerning many leaders of the team. On the other hand, it’s also unprofitable to let them go, because it’s unlikely that the celebrities will want to go to United because next season the club won’t play in the Champions League.

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There is an active restructuring in the team right now, but whether Solskjær will be able to bring it to the end or another mentor will do it – this is still the question. The Norwegian started very nicely, but the disastrous end of the season made many people remember that before the Red Devils he didn’t achieve good results as a head coach.

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Solskjær has already confirmed that next season the team has scanty chances to fight for the championship, but for Manchester United, it is extremely necessary to finish somewhere in the zone of the Champions League. If during the course of the season the team is far from this goal, then there is no doubt that the management will fire the Norwegian mentor immediately.

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The next season is very important for the Red Devils because if the team fails to return to its former level, it risks falling into a lingering crisis and turning into another Arsenal, whose ultimate dream is a place in the top 4.