Best Sources for Cricket News

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Best Sources for Cricket News

Best Sources for Cricket News

SC PP   ¦    Oct 29, 2020 01:24:31 PM (IST)

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There are fans and then there are super fans. Even above them, are Indian cricket fans who religiously follow this sport and everything about it. People in India are so attached to cricket as a sport, that on the day of a major match, the whole country bows down to prayers hoping India would win.

How to Find Latest Cricket News?

So, in a country where cricket is almost everything, how do you keep up with the latest happenings in the cricketing world? Sure you can look around for a few websites that offer the latest scores and today match predictions, but the latest news? That's hard to find.

Well, no more. The following list is all about the sources that provide authentic and latest news lightning fast. Using these platforms, you can keep up with the changes and trends in the cricketing world. Read on to find more.


It is near impossible to talk about cricket and not mention Cricbuzz. The website is the best source for all the cricket enthusiasts out there to follow and be up to date with all the happenings and events in the world of cricket.

Aside from providing the latest news articles on cricket, the website also offers ball-by-ball commentary, live cricket scores, and a lot more features that easily surpasses other websites in this genre. If you are a true cricket fan, this website is a must-visit for you.

ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo lags no far behind in the race to become the best website for the latest cricket news. You can follow all the recent changes in the cricketing world, including any major team change, upcoming series or matches, and even other info about the off-field cricket world.

The ESPN website also has ball-by-ball commentary, along with displaying the live scores to the user, detailed statistics, short videos, and even highlights of specific matches.

Stick Sports

Even though the website was originally known as Stick Cricket, it has grown to become a one-stop destination for all the fans of different sports like Football, Tennis, Baseball, and Motorsports. The website is trying to get into every sport present in this world. However, the Stick Cricket vertical of this website is still the most famous one of the lot. It provides the latest news and any major updates that are happening in the cricketing world.

Cricket 24

Yet another interesting website to have on the list. Cricket 24 is just like the ones mentioned above, but with an enhanced look and feel. Due to pandemics, the amount of cricket news has been quite low on their website. We focus on other things than sports these days and usual events get replaced by things like virtual sports festivals. Soon things will change and then you should give Cricket24 a chance.

Their platform guarantees its users one hundred percent authentic and latest news from not just major cricket events, but also some of the matches that don't quite get the recognition. Cricket 24 also shows the latest news from various Asian and African leagues apart from major ICC tournaments.

NDTV Sports

Talking about a tantalizing user interface, we cannot just rule out how amazing NDTV Sport's website looks. The attractive UI and a series of various available features make it among the top cricket information websites out there. The website is fast, and match results are updated within seconds.

Apart from this, users also get the option to set alerts for their favourite team so that the website can send personalized notifications if any update happens around that team. This feature is helpful especially if you do not want to miss out on any major event related to your favourite team.

ICC Cricket

What's best than the one that oversees every major or minor cricket event across the world? Yes. We are talking about the official ICC website that insights the visitors with a plethora of useful news and articles related to recent cricket news and the latest happenings around the world.

The website also has additional features such as live score updates, an itinerary for upcoming series and tournaments, and tons of other things. You can also track a particular team that you like and see updates about them.


This website is useful for people who want to get the latest news of the cricketing world and at the same time want some tips regarding fantasy cricket and its various how-tos. CricketAddictor is for those who not only want to know what's happening in the world of cricket, but also seek guidance on fantasy cricket, betting tips, and similar content such as detailed statistics, ICC rankings, highlights, scoreboard, etc.

Apart from the ones mentioned here, you can find several other websites that provide the latest happenings in the cricketing world. But the ones from the lot are those that are listed above.

Similarly, heading over to Google and searching for the latest cricket news can get you tons of articles that were recently published around cricket. However, if you know the websites that are fully dedicated to the amazing game that cricket is, it becomes quite easy to seek new and trending cricket news without doing much. Simply type in the website name, and you are all set.