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Work according to SOP to help control Monkey Fever: Madan Gopal IAS

Work according to SOP to help control Monkey Fever: Madan Gopal IAS

Feb 07, 2019 06:59:44 PM (IST)

Work according to SOP to help control Monkey Fever: Madan Gopal IAS-1

Shivamogga: "It would be feasible if we take precautionary measures by mid-September in terms of vaccinating the people against ‘Monkey Fever’, and it would help prevent the disease from spreading”, opined the investigative committee member of Monkey Fever Madan Gopal IAS, here on Wednesday, February 7.

He was addressing a two-member committee meet at the Deputy Commissioner's office, which was formed under the directions of the government.

The treatment for Kyasanuru Forest Disease (KFD) and the situation of the victims admitted to the Aralagodu Primary Health Care Centre and Sagar Taluk Hospital were assessed and decisions were taken on initiating strict action against the negligent officials concerned.

Madan Gopal instructed the department officials to bring in more stock of Dimethyl Phthalate (DMP) oil and vaccines and store it for emergency purpose well before the rains begin.

He opined, “If we work according to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and with utmost responsibility, then the task of controlling the spread of KFD would be much easier.”

Madan also pointed the flaws in the control measures, stating, “If within one jurisdiction of the health department there are about eight deaths, then this shows that somewhere down the line we have failed in the management.”

He requested the health department, forest department, education department, women and child welfare department and revenue department to work in coordination.

Madan said that the doctors and experts are less in number in the KFD division which was initiated earlier in Sagar. There is a requirement for experts, doctors and entomologists along with other staff, and a memorandum would be submitted to the government shortly, he added.

“We are observing more number of monkeys being brought from the neighbouring districts and left here during night time, due to which there is an in the number of the ape's population in the district. Some measures are being implemented to control this”, said Madan.

Nodal Secretary of the district Chakravarthy Mohan, member of two-member committee Dr. Shivakumar Veeraiah, Additional Deputy Commissioner Anuradha and other officials were present.