‘The new Deputy CM should be a Muslim’

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‘The new Deputy CM should be a Muslim’

‘The new Deputy CM should be a Muslim’

I K   ¦    Jun 02, 2018 02:46:19 PM (IST)

‘The new Deputy CM should be a Muslim’-1

Shivamogga: Stating that Muslims were the second largest community in Karnataka, Congress District Vice President Imtiyaz Khan, demanded that the post of deputy chief minister should go to a member of the Muslim community.

At a press meet here on June 1, Khan said that the Muslim community had been supporting the Congress party from the very beginning. “There is no doubt that in the last election, a major part of the Congress’ votes came from the Muslim community”, he said.

He also said that in the state Congress’ history, there has not been a Muslim Deputy CM and demanded that one be appointed from the Muslim community in this coalition government.

“We have capable leaders like R Roshan Baig and C M Ibrahim to take on the post of Deputy CM,” he justified.

He also spoke of his plans to meet with AICC President Rahul Gandhi, MP K Venugopal, former CM Siddaramaiah and other prominent leaders of the party to discuss their wish for atleast three people from the Muslim community to get a cabinet berth and chairmanship of different boards in the new government.

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