Homestays should not lose essence and tradition: DC

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Homestays should not lose essence and tradition: DC

Homestays should not lose essence and tradition: DC

I K   ¦    Dec 05, 2018 07:18:04 PM (IST)

Homestays should not lose essence and tradition: DC-1

Shivamogga: "Homestays should not lose their essence and tradition. They should not be only business oriented like resorts, instead, must give importance to local traditions, food and hospitality, and offer the same to the guests", Deputy Commissioner K A Dayanand advised homestay owners, here on December 4, in a tourism meet.

Development of tourism in the district
Deputy Commissioner K A Dayanand spoke regarding the youth hostels' contribution to tourism in a seminar conducted at Hotel Mathura Paradise today.

He said that there had been an increase in homestays in the past 10-15 years.

"The idea of homestays came up to introduce the local traditions to guests who visit from different places. But these days, the homestays are forgetting their sole purpose", he said.

"Homestays should not have more than 5 rooms and the owner should stay in the property to host the guests. But many of the owners live in Bengaluru and appoint employees to run their homestays. This should not happen, as the name says, homestays should have a homely environment, and also should be affordable to the poor and the middle class. Recently there were chaos in a homestay in Agumbe. Such incidents should not happen. Strict action against will be taken against the concerned if such incidents recur. Homestays must ensure that tourists should not face any trouble", added Dayanand.

Youth Hostel National Committee member A N Vijayendra Rao said, "By the efforts of Youth Hostel and Shivamogga Tourism, tourism has developed in the district. Many homestays have begun in 'malenadu' tourist areas as per the comforts of tourists."

President of District Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vasudev, Tourism Department Assistant Director Hanuma Naik, and Youth Hostel State President Purushotham were present.

G Vijayakumar presided over the meet.

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