From zero to hero: Young innovator Nivedan Nempe spills out his secret to success

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From zero to hero: Young innovator Nivedan Nempe spills out his secret to success

From zero to hero: Young innovator Nivedan Nempe spills out his secret to success

Jul 06, 2020 11:51:37 AM (IST)

From zero to hero: Young innovator Nivedan Nempe spills out his secret to success-1By CD Rakshitha

Mandagadde (Shivamogga): Areca, for long has been looked at with a lot of suspicion, to the extent that it has been considered a killer due to its close association with 'Ghutka'.

However, thanks to a young scientist from pristine district of Shivamogga, people are now looking at areca as not a killer, but as a saviour!

Meet Nivedan Nempe, a lad from Mandagadde, who has made his presence felt at the international levels due to his distinct research and innovations using arecanuts.

Areca tea, areca perfumes and now areca sanitizer, Nivedan has transformed such strange product ideas using areca into reality.

Nivedan's journey is truly a source of inspiration for young minds that are yearning to take off.

Hailing from a middle class family in Mandagadde, he completed his schooling in a local government school and secured a degree from National College of Pharmacy in Shivamogga.

From here, he left to Melbourne for higher studies and like a true son of the soil, he returned to Mandagadde, bidding good bye to Melbourne and an array of jobs that were offered to him by several Multi National Companies.

Returning to his village, he started materialising his dream of changing lives and the result is that the country has a young achiever to show to the world!

Nivedan's latest innovation is an areca sanitiser and speaking to this reporter, he says that many had turned COVID situation into a sanitiser business, but he wanted to use the situation to bring solace to the people who were distressed by the pandemic.

"Due to the pandemic, people were returning to their villages. There is unemployment around and I wanted to create job opportunities to our people in the village. All of my innovations have had the same purpose," he said.

Nivedan feels that the business opportunities are hidden in problems and crisis and it only takes a person the mindset to look, identify, explore and materialisethe opportunity.

"When you start, the first thing required is self-confidence and will power. These are the only two things needed to start a venture. People who think, 'What will people say," must know that they have ready started their journey from a wrong point. They will never overcome the fear, " he says giving out his secret mantra for succcess.

When asked if his achievements were accidental or he knew what he wanted in life, Nivedhan says that from childhood he was very clear that he did not want to work for anyone.

"If the path that you have chosen is right for you, the avenues will open up all by itself. But, having said that I must also add that there is nothing called 'luck/ fate'. It is only your confidence, will power and efforts that will yield you results," he says adding that his message to young minds is that there is no shortcut to success.

"Efforts, efforts and only effforts will take to the place you want to be. Everything else you tell yourself is only an excuse," he says adding that his life is an example to how one can start from zero and reach greater heights.