DC K A Dayanand meets RTO officials, addresses public grievances

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DC K A Dayanand meets RTO officials, addresses public grievances

DC K A Dayanand meets RTO officials, addresses public grievances

I K   ¦    May 20, 2019 10:36:15 PM (IST)

DC K A Dayanand meets RTO officials, addresses public grievances-1

Shivamogga: “We have received many complaints from the public stating that the auto rickshaw drivers are not turning on their auto meters and charging excessive fare. It is compulsory to turn on the meter”, said Deputy Commissioner K A Dayanand, here on Monday, May 20.

Chairing the RTO officials' meeting, he addressed the public grievances.

He said, “It is observed that only if the passenger asks to turn on the meter, the auto drivers do. This is not ethical. The auto rickshaw drivers must turn on the meter every time they pick a passenger. The driver must ensure that his name, address, photograph and other necessary details are displayed in the auto.”

He directed the RTO officials to inspect the necessary documents well before the auto rickshaw is purchased and registered.

Pilot launch of electric auto
“In order to control the pollution levels, as a pilot initiative, electric autos will be launched”, DC Dayanand said.

Prepaid auto counters in railway stations
“Permission for prepaid auto rickshaw counters will be given in the railway stations. Along with this, the passengers will be given mini bus service too”, he said.

Addressing the issues faced by senior citizens while availing concession in private buses despite providing ID proof, he said, “Such bus companies will be sent a notice. Every bus stand must have a ramp and wheelchair facility for the specially abled passengers.”

Touching upon the matter of speed breaker causing inconvenience to public he said, “Speed breakers have become a serious issue because of lack of visibility. As they are not painted, the people riding or driving their vehicles are not able to judge if there are any speed breakers ahead. This has led to a lot of accidents. We have also read in the newspapers that a young boy had voluntarily painted speed breakers to prevent accidents",

“There must be a systematic marking on the speed breakers and sign boards must be placed well before them. There are some speed breakers which are very dangerous and such should be marked with paints”, he added.

Superintendent of Police Dr. Ashwini, RTO Joint Commissioner Shivaraj Patil and other RTO officials were present.