Covid guidelines should be strictly followed: DC

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Covid guidelines should be strictly followed: DC

Covid guidelines should be strictly followed: DC

Ismail M Kutty   ¦    Apr 03, 2021 07:32:10 AM (IST)


Covid guidelines should be strictly followed: DC-1

Shivamogga: With the number of Covid cases in the district increasing over the past week, steps will be taken to strictly follow all the guidelines including wearing of masks and social distancing, said deputy commissioner K B Shivakumar.

He was speaking to reporters after a meeting with senior officials of various departments at the deputy commissioner's office here on Friday April 2. Penalties have been initiated against the violators at places where a large number of people gather such as markets, commercial complexes, marriage halls, and flea markets. The public must wear masks. "The customers should be forced to wear masks with measures such as refusing interaction with customers who do not wear masks among others, he instructed.
There are instances where the government has taken strict actions against violation of the code of conduct while conducting public functions even after assurance of following Covid guidelines. In the last one week, a total of 1016 cases of violations were registered and Rs.1.63 lakhs were collected as fine,"he informed

No need for panic

Covid is under complete control in the district and the screening rate has been increased during the last one week. Currently 2200 corona checks are being carried out and 1.1 out of 100 positive cases are reported. Corona cases can be controlled only if the public follows the guidelines strictly in view of the growing corona-positive cases in neighbouring districts. If people are negligent, we may face difficulties in the future, he noted.

Upgradation of basic facilities

The district administration has currently put up in place, all infrastructure necessary to deal with the covid cases. The Meggan Hospital has a well-equipped ICU, an additional 6,000 KL unit besides 11,000 KL oxygen units too is in place. He said that the currently random tests are being undertaken at bus stand, railway station, and APMCs.

Covid vaccination program

So far 18041 (85 per cent) health workers have been given the first dose and 53 per cent of the workers have been given the second dose. In all 63% of frontline workers were vaccinated with the first dose, 58814 people over 60 years of age and 1470 over 45 years of age have been vaccinated. A total of 11560 Covaxin was supplied to the district and 4200 have been used. In all, 128000 Covishield were supplied out of which 91904 have been used. The vaccination drive is being done at 173 health centres. Vaccination is being done in sub-centres, PHC, CHC, Taluk Hospital, Shims, Government Ayurvedic Medical College and registered Hospitals, he informed and appealed to all citizens above 45 years of age to go with their Identity card and get the vaccination.

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