67-year-old kidney donor biking 10000 km for organ donation

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67-year-old kidney donor biking 10000 km for organ donation

67-year-old kidney donor biking 10000 km for organ donation

I K   ¦    Jan 16, 2019 10:37:03 PM (IST)

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Shivamogga: A 67-year-old Pramod Lakshman Mahajan, a member of ReBirth Foundation, Pune is achieving a feat that can put many a youth to shame.

Pramod, who hails from Dahuli village of Maval Taluk has been on a mission of travelling 10000 km on his bike spreading awareness on organ donation.

He himself has donated one of his kidneys to a Jawan from the military, who had several health issues.

Speaking to newskarnataka.com, Pramod said, “A Jawan to whom I donated my kidney, was married for the past 13 years. Unfortunately, he had no children. Due to high blood pressure and tension, he had lost both his kidneys.”

“After I donated my kidney, he now has two sons-one studying in class 9 and the other in class 7”, he added.

He gave a message saying, "There is no harm in one donating his/her organs. It has been 18 years now from the time I donated my kidney, and I’m healthy and fine. I travel the whole country without any health issues.”

Recalling the attitude of the people towards blood donation a few years ago, Pramod said, "We used to bring in five people for blood donation camps of which two used to escape. Now that the times have changed and awareness is at its peak, within one call, thousands of youths line up for blood donation and other health-related camps.”

He said that with the right intention and channelisation of the awareness in the right direction, one can achieve a milestone in organ donation as well.

Pramod’s message to the youth is, “If an old fellow like me can donate an organ, then why not youngsters?”

He signed out with a slogan, "Gaavn gaavn or shehar shehar mein yahi mera nara hai, angadhan karna or karvana yahi tumhara or mera kaam hai. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issayi, angadhan kijiye bhai angadhan kijiye bhai" (In every village and city my slogan is it's my and your duty to donate organs and make others too do it. Irrespective of what religion you belong to, donate your organs).

Pramod will be completing his journey of 10000 km on January 25, by reaching back Pune.

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