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Yogi to make his Tollywood debut

Yogi to make his Tollywood debut

Vedant   ¦    Jul 10, 2018 03:55:31 PM (IST)

Yogi to make his Tollywood debut-1

Loose Mada Yogesh has changed his name to Yogi Pholgun for reasons best known to him. His next film is "Lambodara", the teaser of which was released recently to good response. Now, he is all set to debut in the Telugu film industry.

The film is titled "Monagadu" and will also be made in Kannada with Yogi’s father TP Siddaraju along with his friend, Narayana Murthy producing it. The bilingual film is being directed by MM Venkat.

The film has three heroines and since the film will be made in two languages, the team is looking for heroines who can fit in with both languages. The shooting of the film is to start in August. Yogi made a grand debut in Sandalwood with "Duniya" in a small role. Later, he became a lead actor with "Nanda Loves Nanditha". As the film became a blockbuster, he became a huge star, however, poor choices of film affected his career in the film industry. Let us see if he will make a comeback with these new films.