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Yash's My Name is Kirataka postponed

Yash's My Name is Kirataka postponed

Vedant   ¦    Jan 29, 2019 03:47:53 PM (IST)

Yash\'s My Name is Kirataka postponed-1From past couple of months there were rumours that Yash's next My Name is Kirataka has been dropped. However, now an official announcement has come from Yash and producer Jayanna regarding the project. They have decided to postpone the project. And the reason is Yash's last blockbuster KGF.

KGF marked a milestone in the film industry. Having gained worldwide recognition, this has mounted pressure on Yash to start working on the sequel as soon as possible. Farhan Akthar who presented the Hindi version wants the film to be started as soon as possible. With the first part itself grossing nearly Rs 60 Crore, Farhan feels that the second part may even touch Rs 200 Crore. Therefore he has requested Prashant Neel to start working on the film.

All these factors have created a dilemma for Yash, as he had already announced 'My Name is Kirataka.' He had also shot 25 percent of this. However with KGF 2 to begin from May, he has decided to do 'My Name is Kirataka' later. As he will be sporting a long beard for KGF 2, he cannot shoot for 'My Name is Kirataka.'

Meanwhile, the theatrical run of KGF has almost come to an end. The film has reportedly grossed nearly Rs 275 Crore worldwide.