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Vishnuvardhan fans to give 'Gandhada Gudi' a miss?

Vishnuvardhan fans to give 'Gandhada Gudi' a miss?

Vedant   ¦    Sep 14, 2018 06:19:49 PM (IST)

Vishnuvardhan fans to give \'Gandhada Gudi\' a miss?-1We all know of the craze that followed the re-release of Vishnuvardhan starrer "Nagarhaavu." The film did very well at the box office as well when it was released a few months ago. And now another Vishnuvardhan starrer is all set to release. However, fans of Vishnuvardhan are not happy with this and are planning to skip it.

"Gandhada Gudi" starring Dr. Rajkumar and Dr. Vishnuvardhan is set to re-release in theatres this week. However, a whole lot of Vishnu fans have decided not to watch the film. They have expressed this on social media, as they feel this was the film, which caused a rift between the fans of both stars. Vishnuvardhan was insulted many times by fans of Dr. Rajkumar, which has hurt the feelings of Vishnuvardhan fans, they say.

The fans also feel that it might lead to a friction between Raj and Vishnu fans at the theatres. Therefore they have decided to skip the film. Meanwhile, preparations are on to release the film in 200 theatres. Distributed under Dheeraj Pictures, the film also has Kalpana in the female lead.