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'Upendra Matte Baa' set to release on Nov 17

'Upendra Matte Baa' set to release on Nov 17

Vedant   ¦    Nov 13, 2017 04:54:16 PM (IST)

\'Upendra Matte Baa\' set to release on Nov 17-1

The much delayed film "Upendra Matte Baa" is all set to be released this Friday. The film, which was slated for release a few months ago, was postponed for reasons known only to the makers. However, to the immense delight of Upendra fans, the film will be released on November 17 across Karnataka.

The film is a remake of the Telugu hit "Soggade Chinna Nayana." Upendra's protege Loki, who had directed Upendra's "H2O" is the director of this film as well. The film stars Upendra, Prema, Chandini, Shruthi Hariharan, Deepika Kapse, Shobharaj, Vasishta Simha and others in prominent roles.

Upendra plays a dual role in the film. Sridhar Sambhram has composed the music for the film and Swamy J is the camerman. This film will be one of Upendra's last few films, as he is all set to plunge into politics.