Take out time to attend ‘Madve’ on March 8!

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Take out time to attend ‘Madve’ on March 8!

Take out time to attend ‘Madve’ on March 8!

SC L S   ¦    Mar 03, 2019 04:21:42 PM (IST)

Take out time to attend ‘Madve’ on March 8!-1

Sandalwood is all set for yet another unconventional movie titled ‘Madve’, which will be releasing on March 8.

The speciality of the movie is a farmer named Paramesh has invested money in this movie and has also acted.

Actors Aarohi Gowda and Manjunath will be the central character of the movie, who will be getting married in the movie.

The story of the movie revolves around the village marriage and various aspects connected to it, which will be presented with a touch of humour.

Hindu Krishna is the director of the movie and film's technical crew is mainly drawn from the 2015 release “Thithi”.

The songs of this movie are composed by Prashanth Aaradhya.

Distributor Prakash has managed to ensure release in over 100 theatres across the state.

The trailer of the movie has already created sensation and has been screened in Kolkata International Cult Film Festival 2018.