Suhasini is back in "Ambi Ning Vayassaytho"

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Suhasini is back in "Ambi Ning Vayassaytho"

Suhasini is back in "Ambi Ning Vayassaytho"

Vedant   ¦    Apr 14, 2018 06:36:11 PM (IST)

Suhasini is back in \"Ambi Ning Vayassaytho\"-1

Few days back, we had revealed that Suhasini Maniratnam walked out of "Ambi Ning Vayassaytho" due to an issue with the dates. It now seems that the issue has been solved and she is back on board.

The makers have returned to their original plan of having Suhasini join the sets of the film, and she has completed one schedule already. Though she was the original choice for the role, the team were thinking of a switch because of the date clashes. There were plans to replace her with either Ramya Krishnan or Khusbhoo. But, with everything sorted now, they are glad to have Suhasini on board.

Meanwhile, Ambareesh, who is also getting ready for the upcoming assembly elections, is almost done with the shoot. With just six days of the shoot remaining, he will be done with his portion and start his political campaign.

The film is being made under Sudeep's banner, Kichcha Creations, in association with producer Jack Manju. The film has Sudeep and Sruthi Hariharan playing important roles, and music by Arjun Janya.