Shreyas Manju to debut in 'Paddehuli'

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Shreyas Manju to debut in 'Paddehuli'

Shreyas Manju to debut in 'Paddehuli'

Vedant   ¦    Apr 15, 2019 11:41:39 AM (IST)

Shreyas Manju to debut in \'Paddehuli\'-1

Popular Sandalwood producer K Manju’s son, Shreyas is making his debut this week with the film "Paddehuli". The film has been marketed well by the makers and with two excellent trailers, the film has raised huge expectations among the fans. It is scheduled to release this Friday.

The film is an official remake of the hit Tamil film "Meesaya Murukku", a romantic comedy written and directed by debutant Adhi of the musical duo 'Hiphop Tamizha'. He also stars as the lead opposite Aathmika, while Vivek, R J Vigneshkanth and Vijayalakshmi play the supporting roles. Released on July 21, 2017, the film is a partly fictionalised biopic of Adhi.

In "Paddehuli", Shreyas plays an aspiring musician who leaves the small town of Chitradurga to find fortune and fame in Bengaluru. Shreyas, being a fan of Vishnuvardhan, has dedicated a song to him.

Directed by Guru Deshpande, the film stars Ravichandran, Rakshit Shetty, Sudharani and Nishvika Naidu. The music has been scored by Ajaneesh Loknath.