Shashank impresses Sandalwood bigwigs with 'Adi Purana'

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Shashank impresses Sandalwood bigwigs with 'Adi Purana'

Shashank impresses Sandalwood bigwigs with 'Adi Purana'

Vedant   ¦    Oct 20, 2018 09:40:30 PM (IST)

Shashank impresses Sandalwood bigwigs with \'Adi Purana\'-1Shashank made his debut earlier this month with "Adi Purana". Even though the film did not do as well as expected, Shashank, who played the lead as Aditya, has impressed everyone. The talented youngster has been noticed and he may soon become the next big thing in Sandalwood.

Normally, we see heroes take mass subjects or a conventional love story for their debut film. However, Shashank did the unusual and played the role of a common man in his debut, produced by his elder brother.

According to sources in Gandhinagar, Shashank has impressed many people in the film industry, who find him highly talented. We may soon see him in big films.

Speaking about Shashank, director of "Adi Purana", Mohan Kamakshi said, "Shashank is a hard worker. He will really go a long way. I used to observe him when he came to the studio. He was very shy and would not talk to girls. The character of Aditya seemed apt for Shashank. When I approached him initially, he did not show much interest and thought it was a joke. However, when I persuaded him, he agreed to take up the role. He did his best, gained weight for the film and underwent workshops. Even though his own brother was producing the film, he did not throw any tantrums and was dedicated to his role."

Shashank is ready for his next film. He will soon officially announce his next project. Speaking about the roles in which he would like to act, Shashank said, "I am ready to act in any role which I find challenging and want to be part of good films. I am fine working with any director or producer, provided that the script is good and that movie is content-oriented."