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Sharan's "Raambo 2" completes 25 days; is a big hit

Sharan's "Raambo 2" completes 25 days; is a big hit

Vedant   ¦    Jun 12, 2018 07:20:09 PM (IST)

Sharan\'s \"Raambo 2\" completes 25 days; is a big hit-1

Kannada actor Sharan was desperately in need of a big hit and he seems to have managed to get one with his recent release "Raambo 2". Released on May 18, the film, directed by Anil Kumar has completed 25 days in many centers. The film has emerged as a success in USA, let alone in Karnataka.

The film has Sharan and Ashika Ranganath in the lead with Chikkanna and Ravi Shankar in piovtal roles. A road film, the film’s music was handled by Arjun Janya and it has played a major role in its success. The entire team that had worked on "Raambo" was retained for "Raambo 2", except for the cameraman and the heroine. Interestingly, the core technician team did not accept any remuneration for working on the film and had decided to accept it only if it turned out to be a successful venture.

The film was bankrolled under the banner Laddoo Cinemas by music composer Arjun Janya, cameraman Sudhakar Raj, director Anil Kumar and editor K M Prakash. Unlike the first part, this film has an emotional second half, which has been loved by the family audience. The film is already in the profit zone and in the next few days, we can expect it to attain blockbuster status.