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Sharan to work with Hari Santosh

Sharan to work with Hari Santosh

Vedant   ¦    Dec 05, 2017 06:10:01 PM (IST)

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Sharan's last few films have not been doing very well and he is not having a good time either. There has been, however, no dearth of offers from the film industry. Sharan has now signed on to work in a new film, which will be directed by Hari Santhosh, who is extremely happy with "Kaalej Kumar", his latest directorial's good business.

The story of the film has been written by Tarun Sudhir. The film, being produced by Tarun Shivappa, will be a comedy family drama. Tarun Shivappa had lost crores of money, when his last production venture "Mass Leader" was a big flop at the box office. He is hoping to recover the money with this film.

Sharan is nearly done with the shoot for Anil Kumar’s directorial "Rambo 2", and is now on the sets of lyricist-turned-director, Yoganand Muddanna’s debut project, which is a remake of the Malayalam film "Two Countries".

Meanwhile Sharath's film with Hari Santhosh will be the actor’s first project to start in 2018. The film will go on the floor by mid-January, for which Hari Santhosh is busy with the pre-production work.