Sandalwood egghead Raj Shetty to star in upcoming indie project 'Fiction'

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Sandalwood egghead Raj Shetty to star in upcoming indie project 'Fiction'

Sandalwood egghead Raj Shetty to star in upcoming indie project 'Fiction'

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Sandalwood egghead Raj Shetty to star in upcoming indie project \'Fiction\'-1

Udupi: “Fiction”, a feature film produced by Chicken Sambar Productions, which comprises a mix of students, just graduates and professionals is set to be shot in the month of December, said Raj Shetty.

Speaking to media persons during a press meet at the Udupi Press Club on November 30 regarding the making of "Fiction", a feature film that has Raj Shetty of Ondu Motteya Kathe fame playing a lead role. Rahul Menon, founder of Chicken Sambar – a production house based in Manipal – is directing the film. Professor Raviraj Kini was the moderator at the conference and he introduced Chicken Sambar and Fiction to the gathering.

This film has the support and backing of renowned cinematographer, director and producer Rajeev Ravi. He is known for his contributions towards both the Malayalam and Hindi film industries and has worked with celebrated directors like Madhur Bhandarkar and Anurag Kashyap. Rajeev has been providing guidance to the Chicken Sambar team, and has also provided them with his camera for the shoot.

‘Rahul has been working on the script of this film for about a year and a half now’, said Prof. Kini and added that the film is bilingual.

Raj Shetty spoke of how the film was being crowd funded and was not commercial in nature. He said that he took up this project because he liked the story and felt that he wouldn’t have been able to write a story like this himself. "Even if I’m helping in this project, it’s ultimately helping me because I’m learning a lot from it", he added.

Rahul Menon revealed how the idea of the script came into being over a year ago. However, he did not know how to go about it. Eventually, as a greater number of artistes came together, they decided to go ahead with the idea and explore its potential. "We were a bunch of kids from nowhere who wanted to make a movie," he remarked.

Chicken Sambar was founded two years ago. The team focused on making music videos, corporate advertisements and short films. Their first short film was "Faye", which went on to be telecast on NDTV Prime. "Happiness" was another such production that brought Chicken Sambar into the limelight by winning the Yes Bank Award for short films in 2016.

"Fiction is our first big project. We expect that once Fiction is completed, we can make more movies," said Nishmitha Biliya, who is the producer of this project. She said that it was through participation in competitions and through the making of short films that they were funding themselves for other projects.

Maya is one of the major characters in Fiction and her back story has been uploaded in the form of a video on YouTube. It is also available on Milaap, the crowd funding platform that Chicken Sambar has employed to raise money for making this film.

Producer Nishmitha B, Anush Shetty, Rajeev Shetty and among others were present during the press meet.