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S S Sajjan's 'Mantram' trailer out

S S Sajjan's 'Mantram' trailer out

Vedant   ¦    Nov 13, 2017 03:24:17 PM (IST)

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The trailer of "Mantram" is out! The movie is directed by S S Sajjan, who has been making waves these days with his acting skills in a popular Kannada news channel. The trailer is impressive and the heroine Pallavi Raju turns out to be the highlight of the movie.

All that being said, the background score by Ravi Basur is not something that should be missed. The film has all the elements required in a horror film.

Even though the film's release had been delayed due to various reasons, it is finally going to hit the big screen.

The film has been produced by Amar Chaudary and is set in Daulat Mahal, which is a 300-year-old palace in Raichur. Shamanth Shetty, Pallavi Raju, Baby Shravana, Dileep, Arpith, Prathap and Mithun play pivotal roles in the film.

According to makers, the film will be out in the theatres by this month end.