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"Rambo 2" does not have much similarities with "Rambo"

"Rambo 2" does not have much similarities with "Rambo"

Vedant   ¦    May 15, 2018 09:28:29 PM (IST)

\"Rambo 2\" does not have much similarities with \"Rambo\"-1

Ever since "Rambo 2" was announced, there were rumours that the film's plot would be a continuation of the first part. However, this news has been dismissed by Tarun Sudhir, who is the creative head of the film. Tarun revealed that there are not many similarities with the first instalment "Rambo".

"Rambo 2" has the entire team of "Rambo" coming together once again except for heroine Ashika and cameraman Sudhakar. Just like in the first part, the car will be featured in a major role. However, instead of one, there are two cars. It is a road movie and a kind of genre that is rarely taken up.

Sharan is in bad need of a hit, as his last few films have failed to perform as expected. The sad part is that his last three films "Satya Harishchandra", "Raj Vishnu" and "Nataraja Service" have not been able to even survive in theatres for more than two weeks. This was not the trend before, as even his average films like "Bullet Basya" and "Jai Maruthi 800" made money. This film is very important for Sharan, as it may make or break his career. The film is scheduled to release on May 18.