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"Raambo 2" completes 100 days in theatres

"Raambo 2" completes 100 days in theatres

Vedant   ¦    Aug 27, 2018 02:37:14 PM (IST)

\"Raambo 2\" completes 100 days in theatres-1Sharan was in need of a big hit since his last few films were flops. He had high expectations riding on "Raambo 2". The pre-release buzz of the film was positive and upon its release, the film met with good reviews and got a big opening. The film sustained well from the second week and turned out to be a profitable venture for all involved.

"Raambo 2" is one of the few hits to come out of Sandalwood this year as it has completed 100 days in two single-screen theatres in Mysuru and Shivamogga and several multiplex screens across Karnataka, including Bengaluru.

The film was also released in several foreign countries including the USA and Canada. The comedy thriller has Ashika Ranganth, Chikkanna, Ravishankar and Sadhu Kokila in pivotal roles.