'Premier Padmini' survives alongside Hollywood blockbuster 'Avengers...'

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'Premier Padmini' survives alongside Hollywood blockbuster 'Avengers...'

'Premier Padmini' survives alongside Hollywood blockbuster 'Avengers...'

Vedant   ¦    Apr 29, 2019 11:34:53 AM (IST)

\'Premier Padmini\' survives alongside Hollywood blockbuster \'Avengers...\'-1

Kannada film "Premier Padmini" has managed to survive the Hollywood heavyweight "Avengers: Endgame", that broke box office records in the USA, China and India, and beat the net collections of all Hindi films on its first day at the box office. In Karnataka too, "Avengers: Endgame" is running in housefull theatres, which were booked days in advance of the release. Despite being released on the same day as the Avengers movie, "Premier Padmini" has managed to do decent business at the box office.

The film has managed to survive due to its excellent content. A lot of middle class and lower middle class people develop an emotional bond with their personal vehicles – be it a car or a bike or even a bicycle. Some even name their respective vehicles and these automobiles mostly mark their firsts – first car, bike or bicycle - and it will always be close to their heart and make them nostalgic every time they think about it.

"Premier Padmini" explores this mindset of a person. The film is about the journey of a vintage vehicle. Jaggesh, who plays the lead, steals the show with his clean dialogues. He plays a man who is on the verge of getting divorced. Pramod, who plays the driver, stars opposite Jaggesh and shines in his role.

Directed by Ramesh Indira, the film also features Madhoo, Sudharani, Vivek Simha and Hitha Chandrashaker, who add value to their respective characters. The music has been scored by Arjun Janya.

The film marks the debut of popular small screen producer Shruthi Naidu. “The dynamics of relationships today has changed. You never know why you are close to a person, and many of these relationships don’t have a name. In the film we focus on middle-aged strong women, who are portrayed by Madhoo and Sudharani. The film also features Vivek Simha and Hitha Chandrashekar, who represent the younger generation of today,” she says.

The film is a must watch and moves at a quick smooth pace.