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Nishvika Naidu excited about her debut

Nishvika Naidu excited about her debut

Vedant   ¦    Jun 13, 2018 11:56:47 AM (IST)

Nishvika Naidu excited about her debut-1

Nishvika Naidu is the talk of the town as she has three films in hand. Her debut film as a heroine is the KM Chaitanya-directed "Amma I Love You", in which she stars opposite Chiranjeevi Sarja. She is nervous about her debut film and is waiting for the audience's response.

Even though "Amma I Love You" is her first film to be released, she made her entry into Sandalwood with Anish Tejeshwar-starrer "Vaasu Nan Pakka Commercial" which is also scheduled to release soon. She had completed one schedule of "Vaasu Nan Pakka Commercial" when she got a call from Yogish Dwarakish to audition for "Amma I Love You". She was selected for the film and the shoot ended soon, which resulted in it being released soon.

In the film, Nishvika plays Bindu, a middle-class girl who is strong, emotional and fiercely independent, so much so that she turns entrepreneur with a bunch of friends by running a pizza café, instead of being employed by someone else. The film is a remake of the Tamil hit film "Pichaikkaran".